our story



hi my name is viktoriya aka vika! ( vee-kah )

you'll see a lot of me all across this website haha

avaoche apparel first started as an idea a few years back, when i struggled to be bold about my faith. i worried too much about offending people or annoying them with my beliefs. i also often times referred to myself as moses, having the inability to speak about God in a way that people will understand; for those that don't know me, i tend to ramble a lot!

so, i decided to come up with a way to spread Gods word without saying a word myself, and that was through clothing. once i figured that part out, for the longest time i struggled to find the perfect name for the brand. a name that wasn’t taken by any other company, that was unique, and most importantly biblical. 

i was beginning to get impatient with the process of searching for a brand name, thinking that maybe this whole clothing thing wasn’t God’s plan for me. i decided to take a walk and i began talking to God about it and explaining to Him how i don’t see any way that He wouldn’t want me to spread His word through clothing. i then proceeded to tell Him what exactly i was looking for in the brand name, and He immediately gave me an answer. a name that was so unique i’ve only heard it a few times myself. i looked it up to refresh my memory of its meaning, completely mindblown i checked to see if it was taken by another company or social media page. it wasn’t. i was so ecstatic, happy and so thankful to God for answering my prayer and making it clear that i was on the right track.

the name He gave me was “ avaoche “ ( ahh - vahh - ohh - ch - yea ) which translates to “ abba father “ from russian to english. 

by definition “ abba father “ is: an aramaic word for father, used by Jesus and Paul to address God in a relation of personal intimacy.

not only is it biblical, but its also so unique that its only mentioned three times in the Bible. how cool is that?!

as im writing this, i can’t help but think that God not only gave me a name that met all of my requirements but was also in a way, a cherry on top for coming to Him about this intimately with no distractions or the need to come up with a name all on my own. 

mind blowing.

God is SO good!!!

from that point on, avaoche apparel became my passion. every design that's been/is being created has been a revelation or inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

this is just the beginning and I can't wait to see what else God has in store for this brand. I hope these designs speak to you and inspire you in your everyday life! God bless you!!



xoxo, vika